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Delaware River Flood gauge in Rieglesville,PA... and other local events

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Bridgeton is a township in Northern Bucks County. The latitude is 40.558N. The longitude is -75.11W.   It is in the EST timezone.  Elevation is 568 feet. The population on the 2000 census, was 1,408.

October 3, 2010 - This flood peaked at only 20.8 ft (according to the data from the Riegelsville bridge).  Rt 32 had some flooding near the High voltage powerlines (about a mile south of the Milford Bridge).   1842 was 100% accessible but the river blocked access to all homes upriver.

March 7, 2011  The river crested at 10 PM tonight at 22.35 feet.  The river blocked car access to 1842 (and everything upriver) but 1840 was still 100% accessible.  The decks on TEL were submerged almost to the top railings but the road was dry.

Mid April 2011 The river crested at just over 25 feet. The concrete pad under 1842 had 5 inches of water at the back and 3 inches of water at the front.

April 3rd, 2005.   At 34.07 ft the water was 9ft deep under 1842 and was level with the water in the Delaware canal..

Link to Rieglesville Delaware river gauge

This is the Link to the live Data

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